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Benefits of Foamjacking/Polyjacking vs Mudjacking

Updated: Apr 12

Why do I recommend foamjacking/polyjacking vs mudjacking? There are a couple big reasons:

  1. Foam finds and takes the path of least resistance. As the foam starts to expand underneath the concrete, it expands to fill ALL the voids under the concrete, using the weight of the concrete above it to compact the sub grade first and then when the foam has nowhere else to go, it raises the concrete! This process leaves no remaining void under the concrete, eliminating possibilities for future settling. Mudjacking will lift the concrete but it doesn’t fill the void like foam. Mudjacking material is thick and does not expand. It is pumped under the concrete and lifts the concrete with the pressure of the pumped material vs. the expansion of the foam. This can leave voids still there and opportunity for future settling.

  2. Both foamjacking/polyjacking and mudjacking require holes to be drilled into the concrete. Mudjacking requires 1 5/8” diameter holes to be drilled and patched upon completion. Foamjacking/polyjacking only requires a 5/8” diameter hole be drilled (about the size of a dime), which is a much smaller patch to camouflage into the existing concrete.

  3. Foamjacking/polyjacking doesn’t require any onsite mixing of material and is a very clean process. Mudjacking materials need to be mixed and pumped out of a hopper which can leave splatters and more of a mess.

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